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Growing up in the fluid music scene of San Francisco, Fletcher Reed developed an affinity for instrumental music. In his early twenties he purchased a one way ticket to Zimbabwe without much of a plan or idea as to what came next. While traveling around the world, he studied and learned all sorts of instruments from a Kudu antler horn in Cape Town, ZA to the Tabla in Varanasi, India. He spent time hiking to Everest base camp, tracking lions in Kenya, sailing to Madagascar, meditating in India, and regenerating in Indonesia – but regardless of his place or surroundings, he was always amazed at how well artists like The Album Leaf, Tycho and Aphex Twin could enhance these experiences. His passion for traveling and the great outdoors provides a sonic direction, while his love of soothing soundscapes and mellow atmospheric tones allows his music to reflect those feelings of hope and wonderment.

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