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Based in Istanbul, Hevi is a Turkish musician and producer in his twenties, finding solace within the universe he has created in his room. Since 2018, he has been producing lo-fi hip hop, and now, he is blending the essence of his own sound with various other genres. His music typically incorporates nostalgic and nocturnal elements, with his main inspirations drawn from the nighttime and the elusive “blue hour.” Hevi’s music involves chill downtempo elements and drowns listeners into his unique realm of ambience, while comforting them. He conceptualizes each album as a distinct piece of art, drawing inspiration from the imagery and sounds that surround him. He is an integral part of the expansive global lo-fi scene, having accumulated an impressive one million-plus monthly listeners on Spotify, thereby solidifying his name with a distinctive style, branding, visuals, and a creative concept.

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