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Kanisan Artwork 16-9

About the artist



Kanisan (Berrkan BAG) is a French producer of Turkish origin, based in Strasbourg, France. His interest in music started very early. He played his very first notes at a very young age, influenced by his father who was a guitarist himself. With 14 years of experience and after having explored many musical styles (hip-hop, cinematic, trap…), Kanisan has been producing lofi music for two years now. After appearing in many mixes on different platforms, including YouTube, Kanisan makes a name for himself thanks to his track « Under Moonlight », in collaboration with Mondo Loops. He released his first album, « A way of existing », with No one’s perfect on the Lofi Records label. Reaching an ever-wider audience, he made many collaborations and published many projects in which he strives to perfect the musical universe he created, a universe tinged with melancholy and sweetness, nostalgia and hope, a true invitation to dream for the listener. « Rüya » (« dream » in Turkish) is the name of his latest album, which has been a great success since its release in December 2020. Piano notes mingle with birdsong, creating a dreamlike landscape in which many listeners have already traveled. As a true artist whose brain is still brimming with ideas, Kanisan has not finished offering us ever more sensational journeys to the land of dreams.

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