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About the artist

Nadav Cohen


Raised on an eclectic mix of classic rock, buddha bar and electronic music from his father’s collection, 23-year-old producer and instrumentalist aMess has been consistently releasing vibrant, sonically rich and lulling soundscapes for over half a decade. Born Nadav Cohen in Melbourne, Australia, Cohen sought musical proficiency from the age of 10, developing his skills on guitar and eventually recording his music in 2012, in the spare room of his family home on an 8 track mixer. Despite Cohen’s healthy intake of his fathers music, he also began to explore various different musical influences, such as post-rock and ambient music. This would greatly inform his first release, eventuating in 2016 in the form of a 3 track EP. Created in a single weekend, the EP would see Cohen infusing the aforementioned styles into lush, transcendent sonic textures with an emphasis on guitar musicianship, guiding his palette for what was to come. Cohen’s aspirations would not slow down however, and with a newly discovered fascination for cinematic composers like Hans Zimmer and Thomas Newman, Cohen began scoring local short films in 2017. Further broadening his musical horizons. He would continue to write ambient and cinematic music for the following years, refining his craft. However, this left Cohen unsatisfied, feeling that there was more for him to explore in his craft and looking for the next progression. Unbeknownst to him, this next step would be the calling he was seeking. It was during this period that Cohen discovered a deep passion for the recently burgeoning wave of Lo-Fi music from the likes of Kokoro, Kupla and cxlt. Immersing himself in the unique atmospheres that the genre had to offer, Cohen embarked on a new journey of creating music that was more percussive, while carrying over his love for foley sounds and ambience. Crafting his own unique brand of Lo-Fi and adopting the moniker aMess, this new sound would eventually see Nadav releasing 3 projects under the prestigious Lo-Fi Girl label, culminating with the release of his 2021 debut album, A Place Above Heaven. 2022 saw Cohen take his first break from music following his meteoric rise in the Lo-Fi scene. He took this time to travel across Western Europe for 3 months, connecting with fellow labelmates and other musicians alike. Reinvigorated, reinspired and harnessing a better sense of self, Cohen began creating what would becoming his next album “Tales from Babylon, heavily inspired by the unique textures of Middle Eastern and North African music, The album was launched alongside vivid depictions of his home studio and fitting visualisers, an experimental outing that would prove to be the fulfillment Cohen was seeking. Continuing to be a trailblazer of the scene, he carries his blossoming inspirations with a sense of pride. With a bottomless passion for all music, and a keen ear for innovation in whatever genre he decides to embark on, Nadav Cohen doesn’t seem to be a mess at all, in fact, it appears that it’s all coming together just as planned.

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