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Future Feelings

About the artist



With no public appearance’s or performances SPEECHLESS continues to gain a very powerful & close bond with all his listeners. Powering through the last few years using the internet and social media outlets, he is becoming a common name in the “lofi” community. His SPEECHWAVE style can reach all areas of music. With no formal music education or training he simply makes music from the heart based on current mood and where he wants to be mentally. Stepping strong into emotional experiences through music with fan favorites such as unwanted, I’ve Been Good, I Just Need You, and Keep On Going. SPEECHLESS knows the daily emotional roller coasters we all deal with and translates them into musical escapes. With all ends of the spectrum covered, popular singles Chilled., Shangri-La, and Float ride a more happy mindset and take you to summer vibes no matter the time of year. Released with Lofi Records, his first major EP release with any record label – Future Feelings .Quickly growing on Instagram he proves to be more than just a musician by speaking with fans / followers on real life issues we all face and creating inspiration for others. He is simply more than an artist, he is creating a legacy.

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