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May 5, 2022

Spring 2022 Writing Contest - Results


At the beginning of April this year, we launched our story-writing contest for the second time, to celebrate the start of spring. The theme? "Lofi Girl takes a study break and goes outside 🌱"

We ended up receiving over 900 amazing submissions - huge thanks to everyone who participated! 💚

After hosting some fun story-telling events on the Lofi Girl Discord server, we handed it over to you to vote for your favourite stories. You can read the individual stories and listen to their accompanying audio recordings below.

A reminder of the prizes:

🥇 1st place - $200 Lofi Girl merch gift card + Special Discord role
🥈 2nd place - $150 Lofi Girl merch gift card + Special Discord role
🥉 3rd place - $100 Lofi Girl merch gift card + Special Discord role






The Bus Station - CamilleAnssel on YouTube

Lofi Girl comes to terms with her solitude life after an unexpected encounter with a stranger at the bus station.


Palace of the Alleyway - Rowan McGrath

A trip to a mysterious bookshop gives rise to a new friendship and special souvenir in this memorable study break.


From SpellCasting to Catastrophe: A Comprehensible Guide to Making the Most out of Your Study Break - @lianakhimdy on Instagram

An ordinary afternoon walk leads to a series of unexpected events in this fun, fantasy-themed story.

Runner Ups


Your Secret Admirer: Lofi Girl Takes A Stroll - Eddie L Collins III

Everyone knows Lofi Girl studies 24/7. That is until the day when their idol stops studying, leaving her audience in wonders...


The History Project - Lexie Saranpaa

Last-minute research for an important historical event leads to an unexpected but but welcome ending.


Lofi Girl and Spare Time - @power_plug_in on Wattpad

An unexpected friendship makes Lofi Girl's study break outside a lot more fun and interesting.


Something Other Than Coffee - Robin Hughes

Chaos unfold at the local coffee shop that Lofi Girl and her cat pay a trip to during their study break.


One Last Walk in Kyoto - Jennifer Clark

Lofi Girl reminisces about her parents and the touching story of how they met during a beautiful spring walk in Kyoto, Japan.


Hidden Beauty - @eben.goodwin on Instagram

Maths was never Lofi Girl's strong point. Until one day, she rekindles her love for the subject during a memorable walk in nature...


Around the Block - Devyn Gulickson

Glimpse the world through the eyes of Lofi Girl's cat and their adventure outdoors in this relaxing story.