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Lofi Girl and Spare Time - @power_plug_in on Wattpad

6th Place

Lofi Girl and Spare Time - @power_plug_in on Wattpad

1. A break eventually

One day, Lofi Girl once again was studying her homework, fully focussed, until her cat jumped onto the windowsill. Lofi Girl looked up and only then did she notice the scenery behind the window’s glass.

It was a particularly sunny bright day. Opening her window, Lofi Girl felt a wave of warmth. She smelled the lovely scent of the flowers and looked at nature's beauty. The sudden urge to step outside became huge. And with that, she made the decision:

It was time to TAKE A BREAK!

She quickly picked up her cat, took a bottle of water and rushed out the front door. Outside, she put down the cat, stretched and took a deep breath. This felt AMAZING.

Then suddenly…

“I am waiting for you! Where are you? Where have you gone to?” a sad voice called.


2. The third companion

For a moment, Lofi Girl stood there, terrified. The voice came from within her bedroom where she had been there just a minute ago! She stepped away from the house, but her cat moved directly towards the mysterious voice.

Lofi Girl tried to catch the cat, but it reached the bedroom window, which she had forgotten to close, and jumped in. She had to get her cat, so she walked inside and took a long wooden stick. It would be her only way to defend herself.

She tip-toed to her room, then burst through the door, her weapon raised. She saw--!

… nobody?!

Lofi Girl saw no other living being but her cat, which had taken a seat on her desk chair. Suddenly, she heard the voice again. “Sorry I startled you…” it apologised. Lofi Girl screamed and fell on the floor.

But still, she saw nobody. “Who and WHERE are you?!” she asked nervously. “Right where I'm always at, of course.” This confused Lofi Girl. “On your desk!” the voice clarified. Lofi Girl said: “Well, the only thing on my desk is… Homework?!”

She paused. “H-Homework? Is that you who's talking?”

“That’s correct!” he said. “But why haven't you ever spoken before?” Lofi Girl asked. Homework answered: “You study me so often. I already never felt alone or bored around you, so I didn't see why I would talk. But just now, you suddenly left and I… I immediately felt so lonely and useless…”

Lofi Girl thought. She wanted to leave the house for an hour or two, but she didn't want to disappoint Homework. Her cat came with the solution! It walked from Homework to Lofi Girl to the open window over and over again, until Lofi Girl understood.

“Hey! Why don't you come along with us?”

Homework cheered up and the three set out on a wonderful journey.


3. New knowledge

They had been out for half an hour and hadn’t said anything, until Homework broke the silence: “I thought I knew so much about the real world and yet, I never knew what it truly was like. Actual real life… it's… beautiful.” He looked around and sighed.

“I could study this forever.”

Lofi Girl replied: “I've studied you so hard every time. It’s indeed time for YOU to study for once.” To this, Homework added: “The study studies. Haha!”

The path they took, ran through a sparce forest and a park. Halfway through, the cat started playing with a plant Lofi Girl had never seen before. “It’s an Orobanche, which is a genus of parasitic plants,” Homework explained. “That’s an Orobanche uniflora, to be exact.” Lofi Girl looked up, surprised. “Wow! How do you know that so specifically?”

Homework shrugged and smirked. “I’m Homework! What did you expect?”

“So it’s a parasite,” Lofi Girl mumbled. Homework told her about all forms of symbiosis. When he finished, Lofi Girl exclaimed: “That’s interesting!” As they continued their walk, she came to know even more about nature as she listened carefully to Homework.

Thereafter, they arrived at the park. It had gotten hotter and Lofi Girl was curious about what temperature was. Homework explained how the movement of molecules affected the state of matter of elements. A breeze of wind made her wonder how wind came to be and Homework told her about low and high air pressure. Eventually, Lofi Girl even understood how atmospheric circulation worked. And while eating ice cream, he told her about the inflation when she asked why ice cream had become more expensive.

Homework could literally answer all of her questions!


4. Time to head back… or not?

“Oh, no!” Lofi Girl yelled all of a sudden. She made a gesture towards the screen that displayed the time at a bus stop. “We must go home! I still have subjects to study for!”

Homework didn’t look at Lofi Girl and didn’t respond instantly either. Instead, a very wide grin appeared. “What’s the matter? What’s so funny?”

Lofi Girl asked. “So you didn’t even notice…!” Homework said, snickering. “There’s nothing left to do!”

Huh?” Lofi Girl didn’t understand what he was talking about. “During our walk, I already taught you all the stuff you needed to learn today” he then explained. “Biology in that sparce forest, geography and science in the park, economics while we ate ice cream… You’ve already finished me! This is it… MY DEMISE.” Homework pretended to be shot and Lofi Girl burst out laughing. “But seriously…” Homework began as he stood up again. “We have all the time in the world now. There is no more homework anymore…”

“… so I guess you should call me Spare Time now!” he said happily.

They came up with many fun activities and by the time the sky turned yellow and red, they had done the whole list. It had been an absolutely perfect day.

From now on, when Lofi Girl completed Homework, she, her cat and Spare Time would not only work, but also hang out and relax together!


(Voiceover by Maggie Ross)


  • I really like the final denouement but I think Lofi Girl’s reaction when she hears a voice in her room is not well dimensioned, she should be more scared than that… Your story made me think of a historical event : Joan of Arc. Here’s that Wikipedia page:

    Good discovery if you don’t know this character!

    Not important

    October 3, 2022

  • Great!
    This story is so interesting. The idea of personifying h.w and adding chapters 👍 I loved it!
    I will see homework in a different light from now onwards.


    August 13, 2022

  • Loved this! Author is really creative


    May 23, 2022

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