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Release Date: 25/07/2022

Osaki is sharing a tender moment in his latest album “Evergarden”. Pianos, guitars, orchestral strings, and a sprinkle of modular synths provide you with the perfect setting for floating amongst the clouds. As you lay in a bed of flowers you hear the stories of each track, an invisible red string binds you with the warmest colours. Will you lay down in Evergarden and live forever?

1. Evergarden

Osaki x Tonion

2. Red String

Osaki x xander.

3. Floating Clouds

Osaki x j’san

4. Everlasting

Osaki x Theo Aabel x Tonion

5. Brooch

Osaki x Sleepermane x Casiio

6. A Letter For You

Osaki x xander. x Tonion

7. Bed Of Flowers

Osaki x Sleepermane

8. Warm Colours

Osaki x Sleepermane

9. Violet

Osaki x Purrple Cat