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Lazy Sunday

Release Date: 19/07/2020


It’s Sunday, the time of the week the Lofi Girl is allowed some well earned rest from her homework. Tune in to “Lazy Sunday”, an incredible compilation of 31 songs by 42 different artists all around the globe. Get the most comfortable headphones, and let your mind wander - as the greatest ideas seed from the laziest moments☀️😴

1. It All


2. Pillows

towerz x Spencer Hunt

3. Eternal Life


4. Habits

Allem Iversom

5. Teakwood


6. Over The Valley

jhove x trxxshed

7. Cruisin

Elior x eaup

8. Kiptime

brillion. x HM surf

9. Garnet

Monma x Cocabona

10. Builind A New Life

Celestial Alignment

11. Diet Cola

tender spring x Middle School

12. Stray


13. Dont Let Go

Blue Wednesday x tender spring

14. Remorse


15. Pink Night Sky

Dr Dundiff

16. Mmmm

G Mills x HM surf

17. Nautilus

mell-ø x Phlocalyst

18. 3 am


19. Soft to Touch


20. Vivid Memories

Otaam x Sitting Duck

21. Floating Away

Glimlip x Yasper

22. Nostalgia

Glimlip x Sleepermane

23. Untold Stories


24. Desire


25. Wandering Another world

Mondo Loops

26. Snowflakes

Eisu x softy

27. Quilted Dreams


28. Psilo

lofty x pointy features

30. Before

Chiccote's Beats

31. Ponds