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Sleepless Night

Release Date: 09/05/2022


It’s getting late… Time is slowly stretching into the early hours of the morning, but it’s hard to fall asleep. ‘Sleepless Night’, the latest compilation of 25 calming tracks from a variety of talented musicians around the world, will keep you company and inspire reminiscent thoughts to make it easier getting through the night - the dawn is almost here.

1. Votaliya

Chau Sara

2. Lasting

Sling Dilly x Sleepermane

3. Diascia


4. New Paths

Ayzic x Lenny Loops

5. Flying Doodles

Chau Sara

6. Raindance


7. Through The Clouds

No Spirit

8. Sentience

Tibeauthetraveler x S N U G

9. Petrichor

Softy x B-Side

10. Midnight Glow


11. It's Getting Late


12. Eventide

mtch. x G Mills

13. Stardust

brillion. x SwuM

14. Paper Moon


15. passing by

epektase x stratega

16. afloat


17. Pillars Of Creation

Purrple Cat

18. Nocturnal


19. Serenade

Krynoze x H.1

20. My Adventure

fourwalls x cxlt.

21. Astral

No Spirit x Mondo Loops

22. Amber

Kanisan x Quist

23. Awaken

cxlt. x amies

24. Drift Away

Kaspa. x cxlt.

25. Quiet as the Moon

stream_error x nrg